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We’ve all grown up losing our teeth, often leaving them under our pillows for the tooth fairy to collect. This rite of passage for all youngsters eventually leads to wisdom teeth trying to come in. Quite often, this leads to the need to remove wisdom teeth.

While it’s something the majority of us deal with, the prospect of having wisdom teeth removed, or any oral surgery, can be scary. If you need advice on wisdom teeth removal in Arkansas, here’s the scoop on why and when to have wisdom teeth removed and the best Arkansas dentist to contact to get the job done.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

There are a number of reasons wisdom teeth are removed, but the underlying theme is that there just isn’t enough room in the modern person’s mouth to accommodate this third set of molars. In fact, complications from overcrowded wisdom teeth lead roughly 85% of adults to have this most common of oral surgeries performed.

Most wisdom teeth are either fully or partially impacted. This means they are either fully or partially trapped within the jawbone. Partially impacted teeth that have partially erupted above the gum line can be susceptible to bacteria growth, which easily leads to infection, tooth decay, or gum disease. If wisdom teeth are fully impacted, there’s always the possibility of them trying to erupt and becoming partially impacted in future.

In addition to tooth impaction, oral surgery is often performed to remove wisdom teeth due to potentials for a disease. While disease is uncommon, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to cysts or tumors. Aside from potential disease, overcrowding from wisdom teeth has the potential to damage neighboring teeth as well.

When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed

So why all the fuss with wisdom teeth removal before there’s an issue? It is easier and safer to remove wisdom teeth at a younger age. Additionally, wisdom teeth roots on a younger person are likely less developed, leading to easier removal. Overall, extraction at a young age leads to fewer complications.

While there is no set age for wisdom tooth extraction, your Arkansas dentist can best help you determine if you are ready to have them removed. Sometimes pain and irritation develop that indicate they are ready to come out, but other times abnormalities are often detected during routine dental care or x-rays.

Consult Arkansas Dentists for Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are concerned that your wisdom teeth need removing, consult with your Arkansas area dentist. Be sure to ask about potential complications from both leaving them in and removing them. Your dentist will work with you to make the best decision for your overall oral health.

The dental care professionals at Arkansas Dental Centers can help you determine the best course of action for wisdom teeth removal. Contact us today to learn more about one of the most common oral surgeries, and to see if you are a candidate for wisdom teeth removal.