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Do you have decaying or missing teeth? Are those decaying and/or missing teeth causing a problem with your confidence, particularly when you smile? It is problems like these that cosmetic dentistry can really help you with, returning that beautiful smile you used to have and returning your confidence to smile again.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Works

Cosmetic dentistry provides a whole host of procedures that can help return your smile. In the first place, if you have missing or decaying teeth that are causing you to stop smiling, procedures like dental implants, crowns, and bridges can help remove the ugly tooth and replace it with a fake tooth that looks like a natural, beautiful tooth.

Get Whiter Teeth

Discolored teeth also have a procedure under cosmetic dentistry that can return the color back to a more natural color. Professional teeth whitening can be done to whiten the teeth to a perfect, white glow after a couple of applications. Teeth that have more permanent stains can be permanently colored to remove the stain. Both of these can really help return that smile you used to have or provide you that smile you always wished you had.

Teeth Cleaning

Even the typical teeth cleaning can help return your smile and confidence. A professional cleaning can help remove all of the detritus that you didn’t get in your daily brushing and flossing and can help maintain oral health that will help maintain that beautiful smile.

Ultimately, working with your dentist to find a process and treatment that will help remove the bad teeth and replace them with better teeth is your best bet. Your dentist will know what procedures will help choose a process that will help return your smile and your confidence. If more serious procedures, like dental implants, are required, your dentist will ensure that you are sent to the best dental surgeon possible to get this procedure done.

Consider Cosmetic Dentistry for a Beautiful Smile

If you feel like one of the people described above, would like to have your smile and confidence returned or are interested in cosmetic dentistry in general and are located in Arkansas, go to Dental Centers of Arkansas, whose expertise and numerous branches will provide you the services you need! Contact us today about any of our cosmetic dentistry services.