Smile with Pride!

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are plenty of myths and facts to be found. Your dentist in Arkansas is here to set the record straight. Below, we spell out five facts about teeth whitening everyone should know .

Reason for Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a perfect, white smile. Your reason for considering teeth whitening is a personal one. This is especially true if you seek out the help of a cosmetic dentist in Arkansas to perform a teeth whitening procedure. Perhaps you tried one of those at-home store-bought kits that failed? On the other hand, maybe you just want the professional help in achieving the smile of your dreams. Whatever the reason, it is yours and we at the Dental Centers of Arkansas understand that.

Realistic Teeth Whitening Expectations

Keeping your expectations realistic is vital. A take-home-kit from the store, for example, can remove some stains. However, deep stains should be handled by a professional. Because of the potency of professional teeth whitening ingredients, a dentist can remove stains that a home kit simply cannot.

It is also important to remember that not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening. The health and condition of your mouth, for example, may affect whether a dentist in Arkansas will perform a teeth whitening procedure on you. Lifestyle choices, like smoking or drinking habits, may make a teeth whitening procedure pointless as well since these activities lead to heavy staining. Additionally, caps and veneers cannot be whitened.

A teeth whitening procedure will not last forever, regardless of who provides the treatment. Most patients results last between six months and two years depending on lifestyles and other factors.

Tooth Sensitivity during Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can often lead to a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity. The ingredients used in a teething whitening gel slightly dehydrate your tooth. (Which is exactly why your cosmetic dentist in Arkansas will recommend a fluoride treatment after a teeth whitening procedure!) This can lead to a short-term increase in your teeth’s sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages.

Best Time to Whiten Your Teeth

For those whitening their teeth at home, the best time to do so is right before bed! Like the temporary increase in sensitivity, the period immediately after teeth whitening leaves your teeth more susceptible to stains. (This is another reason your dentist in Arkansas will recommend a fluoride treatment after your professional teeth whitening as it prevents this from happening!)

Visit Professional Cosmetic Dentists in Arkansas for White Teeth

A professional cosmetic dentist in Arkansas can help you achieve the whitest smile possible for your teeth. With professional grade teeth whitening kits, a deep understanding of oral hygiene and health, and the experience to provide knowledgeable recommendations and practices – your cosmetic dentist in Arkansas can help your smile glow.

For more information regarding professional teeth whitening, contact the Dental Centers of Arkansas today!