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Dental Savings Plan

Dental Savings Plan No Insurance? No Problem! Arkansas Dental Centers’ goal is to help you take care of your teeth and lead a healthier life. We proudly offer our patients an affordable and convenient Dental Savings Plan for you to use at any of our locations. Our Plan is very affordable with no deductible, no annual maximum limits, no pre-approval, and no waiting periods. The following services are offered:
  • Two exams per year and annual Digital X-rays (4 bitewings per year)
  • Two preventative teeth cleanings (deep cleaning not included)
  • Two fluoride treatments per year
  • 50% off additional x-rays
  • 20% off minor treatments
  • 15% discount on periodontal treatments and periodontal maintenance.
  • 15% off major treatments.
  • 15% off dentures and partials
  • 15% off oral surgery
  • 15% off root canals
  • 15% off implants
  • Patients with gum disease who require additional treatment may apply their “Cleaning” fees toward gum treatments. Gum treatments are 20% off our normal fee.
Your costs are a $25.00 setup fee, $249.00 per year, and $199.00 per year for each additional family member. This is not a dental insurance product or plan.

Our Dental Savings Plan is available at all of our locations!

– North Hills (Click Here) – Malvern (Click Here) – Benton (Click Here) – Sheridan (Click Here) – Pine Bluff (Click Here) – Monticello / Hamburg (Click Here)